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          Siyuan has a master’s degree from Columbia University Teachers College, where she conducted research on children’s musical development and studied educational psychology, philosophy, curriculum design, and technology in music education. Siyuan majored in piano performance starting in middle school at Shenzhen Arts School in China. She also studied at Interlochen Arts Academy and the School of Music at Ball State University.

          Siyuan served as a piano coach at Interlochen Summer Arts Camp, and taught musical activities at Rita Gold Early Childhood Center at Columbia University Teachers College. She participated in designing and running musical activities for New York Philharmonic’s Very Young People’s Concert. Siyuan also lectured on piano performance in China. She has designed music curricula and piano teaching programs for a wide range of age groups and musical backgrounds. Siyuan attended the “Musical Summer at the Mill” Piano Festival in France, and “The Arts and Passion-Driven Learning” Summer Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Dear prospective students,

            I have been playing piano for twenty years, and teaching students in China and the United States for the past seven. I have learned that every piano student is unique, with a distinct personality, learning style, and range of interests and ambitions. No single teaching approach fits everyone. In addition to one-on-one lessons and peer learning recitals, I offer family and group classes for both children and adults. I draw on experience teaching courses in music theory and appreciation, studio workshops and public classes, and innovative world music programs.

Learning piano is not just learning to play notes accurately. It builds from fundamental techniques into the expression of music as melody, harmony, a sonata, a human emotion. In this process, my students become intimate with music from across eras and continents. I integrate music theory, music history, and diverse ethnic musical traditions into piano lessons. This context is essential, for pianists do not merely retrace a composer’s work, but also interpret the pieces in accordance with our own characters, as a practice of discovering and creating ourselves.

            My students learn to develop interpretations from new music on sight. You will feel the story the notes are going to tell. You will become more open to new musical stories and cultures as you learn to interpret and understand them. You will know what music to play or listen to when you are down, and you will know how to express your joy and happiness at the keyboard. You will learn to be patient, cultivating inner strength that will serve you a lifetime. And you will see how learning and performing further transform you and deepen your relationship with music and the world.

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